Korean Girl Group KARA Comeback Teaser Photos

KPOP seems to be going steady with different debuts and comebacks for the next coming months. Finally after a long break from Korean promotions five member girl group KARA is set to comeback in September 2013. They have released their teaser images in their official Facebook account with the caption ‘Princess” for their fourth album “Full Bloom.”

In the teaser photos, KARA members are dressed in white giving of an image of delicateness and femininity. I personally am excited for their comeback. Let’s all wait eagerly for them!!!


Kara princess gyuri

Kara princess harajpgKara princess ji youngKara princess nicoleKara princess seung yeon



Seungri’s Official Comeback Concept Photos and MV Stills

So, BIGBANG’s maknae Seungri is finally out for his second solo album ” Let’s Talk About Love.” Here are his official photos and MV still shots!!!



MV Still Shots



America’s Next Top Model Cycle 20 Guys vs Girls Makeover

One of the most anticipated parts of ANTM is the makeover of the model hopefuls. Here are their makeover!!!

1. Alexandra

2. Nina

3. Jeremy

4. Chlea

5. Chris H.

6. Cory

7. Jourdan

8. Don

9. Renee

10. Marvin

11. Kanani

12. Jiana

13. Mike

14. Phil

I especially love the makeovers of Nina (very dramatic), Chris H (he’s like an angel from heaven), and Kanani. I just don’t understand why almost everybody who had dark hair was turned to blondes? Seriously, Don looked better with dark hair. What do you think?

America’s Next Top Model Cycle 20: Guys vs Girls Episode 3 Photoshoot

Episode three began as as continuation to the chosen top sixteen who were faced on their very first challenge. The Top sixteen are to walk on a vertical catwalk for Guess with their first challenge with Rob and supermodel Jessica Hart as the judges. Chlea described Kelly’s attitude backstage. Marvin, Cory and Renee excelled while Chris H. and Mike struggled. Bianca completely gave up on the catwalk, opting to go limp down the runway. Rob and Jessica thought Mike’s walk was the worst. In contrast, they were impressed by Marvin and Renee. After the challenge, Jessica revealed that Mike and Bianca had been the weakest and that Marvin and Renee had been the standouts. Ultimately, Renee was chosen as the challenge winner for having the highest challenge score. As her reward, she got to use the Tyra Suite, which she chose to share with Kanani. Back at the model house, the models were able to see all the scores from the challenge. Mike and Bianca are the two lowest scores, which made Mike worried. As a result, he proceeded to drink himself to sleep.

The next day the contestants had their first photo shoot where they had to portray different types of weddings.

Alexandra & Mike – Shotgun Wedding

I commend Alexandra for really working her body creating the beautiful S curve. On the other hand, Mike look so stiff as if he was forced to really marry the girl. Definitely Alexandra outshines Mike on this one.

Bianca, Marvin & Nina – Group Wedding

I love this photo so much the stiffness created an amazing story in the photo. I especially love Marvin and Nina on the shot. Seriously Nina reminds me of Allison from the previous season. Her whimsical look is really good for an editorial picture.

Chlea & Cory – Biker Wedding

Cory is so beautiful in this picture. Chlea, on the other hand, doesn’t know how to work her body. The pose made her thigh look bigger than her upper body. Overall this photo is good but not great!

Chris H. & Don -Same Sex Wedding

Oh My Gawd!!! When I saw this photo, My eyes popped out and screamed like hell!! I love this photo so much. This is my third most favorite shot for this episode. To think that Chris H. and Don can pose like this given that they had a great misunderstanding at home is so amazing. Chris H.’s hand on Don’s chest made the photo simple but great. Also, Don’s face and pose is great!! I love this!!

Chris S. & Renee – Hip Hop Wedding

This is my least favorite photo of the bunch. Chris S. is not so Hip Hop and so as Renee. Their poses does not even seem as if they were getting married at all. It was fun to watch the background more than them.

Jeremy & Jourdan- Nude Wedding

This is a good photo of Jeremy and Jourdan. There is cuteness and innocence but there is also awkwardness for both of them. But I still like them

Jiana & Kanani – Same Sex Wedding

Jiana’s bone structure is amazing. Her pose reminds me of Coco Rocha when  she guessed at the All Star Cycle. I personally think, that Jiana carried the shot for Kanani.

Phil – Objectophilia Wedding

He is definitely my least favorite person of all contestants but this isn’t a bad shot. But I feel that it is too comical and commercial. Sorry.

During the shoot, Jourdan struggled because of her past experience of having been married. Marvin, Don and Chris H. receive praise for doing well. Mike on the other hand was chastised for looking stiff, which led to Alexandra outshining him in their shot. Bianca, Chris S. and Phil also struggled at the shoot.

At panel, Chris H., Don, Jiana and Alexandra received good feedback. Marvin received praise for his strong photograph, and later received first call-out for having the highest combined score. Chlea was reprimanded by Kelly for her behavior at the challenge, while Phil was told that he had one of the lowest social media scores. Mike, Chris S., and Bianca ultimately wound up in the bottom three. Tyra noted that Mike had the worst walk of the bunch, and that she felt that Bianca had faded in the group shot. Despite his high fashion look, she critiqued Chris S. for having produced a weak photograph. Bianca was eliminated first for having the lowest overall score. Chris S. followed suit, leaving Mike to be spared from elimination.

  • First call-out: Marvin Cortes
  • Bottom three: Bianca Alexa, Chris Schellenger & Mike Scocozza
  • Eliminated: Bianca Alexa & Chris Schellenger
  • Featured photographer: Douglas Friedman
  • Special guests: Jessica Hart

Call Out Order:

1. Marvin

2. Don

3.Chris H


5. Alexandra


7. Jeremy

8. Renee

9. Nina

10. Jourdan

11. Kanani


13. Phil

14. Mike

15. Chris S.

16. Bianca

Source: Wikipedia.com