6 Types of Heels Women should have

It truly is difficult to be a woman. The norms are saying that you should look like this and that and wear this and that… but ultimately, the difficulty is but an ice cream on a wonderful sweet cake. Yes! There is more to being a woman than the difficulty of fulfilling the role set by society – to play dress up, wear stylish clothes, wear wonderful make up and wear the best shoes out there.

I remember a line mentioned by a female character in the Taiwanese drama, “Meteor Garden,” that women should wear the best shoes for it will take you on the best journey of your life, going to places and meeting great people. Having said that, just like what stylists often remind that women should have a little black dress in the closet and many more, women should also pay attention to the shoes that take them to great events of their life.

I have list my personal favorite types of heels or shoes that women should always have with them.

1. Wedge heels

wedge1 wedge2 wedge3 wedge4 wedge5

This is the most comfortable heels that is good for the summer and even special events. A wedge combines heels and platforms, distributing your weight and support throughout your entire foot as if you’re walking on flat ground. It is thick and one with the sole. Wedges offer more arch support, reducing foot and ankle problems caused from the other type of heels.

2. Kitten heels

kitten1 Shoes for Sole4u kitten3 kitten4 kitten5

The kitten heels are very comfortable and go well with any outfit. This is a great a pair to have since it is not bias as to the age of women who could wear it. It can go for elder women to have the stylish heels but that which is not too high to enable them to walk. Also, it could be very easy to wear for young girls as it is known as well as the “young girl stilettos.” Finally, these never run out of fashion.

3. Pumps / Platform Shoes

plat1 plat2 plat3 plat4 plat5

I truly love the pumps or platform. Whether it is peep toe or the platform, it allows you to stylishly go to work or party and everything in between. The platform rests at the bottom of the front part of the shoe (blending in with the entire shoe) and it helps elevate the entire foot, not just the heel.  Although platform stilettos don’t have the complete coverage of a wedge, they create the illusion of walking on 3 inches, even if you’re wearing a shoe with a 4 ½ in heel. This is what they call the “Little Black Dress” of footwear.

4. High heeled boot

boot1 boot2 boot3 boot4 boot5

This is one of my personal favorites. The ankle boot, a knee high boot, thigh high version or cowboy boots would always give off the feel of winter or even summer. This would work great for a night out or even the casual meetings with friends. Further, these are very comfortable and stylish to wear.

5. Evening sandals

san1 san2 san3 san4 san5

These aren’t very high like stilettos or the platform or pumps but these are very nice for formal events like wedding or any simple celebration. These may even be good for dresses and jeans. It gives off the simple but stylish feel.

6. Stilettos and Thick- coned heels

sti1 sti2 sti3 sti4 sti5thi1 thi2 thi3 thi4 thi5

Stilettos are typically the highest of all the heels, sometimes it would reach up to eight inches, and can be very difficult to walk in because the heels are thin and provide very little surface for stability. The word ‘stilettos’ means small metal dagger. Good quality stilettos have leather uppers with padded insoles to cushion the balls of the feet. On the other hand, Thick-coned heels are easier to walk in and provide better stability and balance than the thin stilettos.





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