Miss World 2013 Official Candidates 1-30

I wanted to do a post following the Miss World 2013. However, because of time I wasn’t able to exactly follow the pageant. So for a super late post here are the 2013 candidates for Miss World:

1. Albania- Ersela KURTI

2. Angola Maria CASTELO
3. Argentina Maria Teresa KUSTER
4. Aruba Larisa LEEUWE
5.  Australia Erin HOLLAND
6. Austria Ena KADIC
7. Bahamas De’Andra BANNISTER
8. Barbados Regina RAMJIT
9.  Belarus Maryia VIALICHKA
10. Belgium Noémie HAPPART
11. Belize Idolly Louise SALDIVAR
12. Bermuda Katherine ARNFIELD
13. Bolivia Maria Alejandra CASTILLO
14.  Bosnia & Herzegovina Sanda GUTIC
15. Botswana Rosemary KEOFITLHETSE
16. Brazil Sancler FRANTZ KONZEN
17.  British Virgin Islands Kirtis MALONE
18. Bulgaria Nansi KARABOYCHEVA
19. Cameroon Denise Valérie AYENA
20.  Canada Camille MUNRO
21.  Cape Verde Christina SPENCER
22. Chile Camila ANDRADE
23. China PR Wei Wei YU
24.  Chinese Taipei Cinzia CHANG
25.  Colombia Daniella OCORÓ
26. Costa Rica Yarly MARIN
27. Cote D’Ivoire Aïssata DIA
28. Croatia Lana GRŽETIĆ
29. Curaçao Xafira URSELITA
30. Cyprus Kristy Marie AGAPIOY
From this batch I personally love China’s beauty as well as Australia and Brazil.

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