Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 2: Episode 1 Recap

Hi guys!! Finally the long-awaited second cycle of Asia’s Next Top model is here!! So this will be my recap of each episode starting with the very first episode. Here we go!!

16 models from all over Asia has been chosen to come to Malaysia to compete for the title of Asia’s Next Top Model. The girls get to stay at the Ritz Carlton Hotel at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Right after settling in the new house personalities arise. Janice (Indonesia) hates the high pitch sounds from the other girls’ screams, Sneha (India) talks a lot, Nicole (Singapore) makes house rules that shocked everyone and I mean really shocked everyone (even me!! Do you do that on the very first day with people you don’t know at all?) and finally, Elektra (Hongkong) likes to sing in a not so pleasant voice that takes everyone aback.

The next day, they went to the challenge. Like last season’s first challenge, it is runway. However, the runways was a lot different and difficult than last year’s. The girls were asked to walk ON WATER by resident judges Adam Williams and Joey Mead King. Of course, they are not walking literally on water (duh?) They walked on a very narrow, transparent runway on a pool. This made it difficult to walk especially wearing high heels. Most did not do a good job. Marie (Japan) almost fell into the pool so as the rest but it was only Katarina (Philippines) who actually fell on her way back. Soaking wet, she continued to walk on the water but of course to the disappointment of the judges. However, Jessie (China) has a terrible fear of water. This did not allow her to actually do the challenge properly. As Joey Mead King said, She looked like she had already given up even before she started walking the runway. She was by far the worst of all. She walked as if she is crossing a thin rope with one tiny step at a time. It was truly disappointing.

After the runway Jessie broke down. The next day, Elektra started seeking attention by singing as if she’s in an Opera. She is really acting weird!

The First photo shoot came. Before Nadya introduce the photographer and all a shocking surprise stunned the girls. Nadya made the first cut choosing between Katarina, who fell on the pool and Jessie, who walked poorly. In the end Jessie was cut off even before she had her first photo shoot. It was really sad to see her gone before the first shoot but I feel that between her and Katarina, Jessie really did fail the challenge a lot. Finally the photo shoot started. They had resident photographer Mike Rosenthal to take their pictures. They will be shooting the opening clip for the cycle and has only 10 frames to nail the shot.

At the photo shoot some did good and other terrible. Elektra keep thinking model face, model face that it made it difficult to capture almost anything good since her face looked angry all throughout the shoot. Thao (Vietnam) did really well on the shoot creating amazing shapes with her body.

After the shoot, Nicole got a phone call from her dad saying her grandmother had unfortunately passed away.


First is Josephine (Mly)

Judges : Fierce cheeks, strong pose, funny voice (lol)

Me : I love the pose and her bone structure. I juts find the lighting that hit her left cheek funny  but I LOVE IT.

Next is Bona (Indo)

Judges : She’s giving length, nice finger placement, beautiful jaw, over-exposed nose.

Me : I love it! The pose, the neck, the face. I think she should work on posing so that the light hits her face.

Next is Jihye (Kor)

Judges : Blank face, good body.

Me : Great body, pose, I love the neck, but the face is really blank

Next is Janice (Indo)

Judges : Disappointing, but good confidence.

Me :  I find it boring and I don’t like her face.

Next, Elektra (HK)

Judges : She looked like she’s on the edge of the building and she’s gonna fall, and it’s quite SCARY!

Me : She looked really angry!! Her face doesn’t work with her body

Marie (Jpn) is up next

Judges : Fierce pose.

Me : Great pose!!

Next is Poojaa (Sing)

Judges : Same face in every shot.

Me : The only thing I loved here is her face that’s all. She has a very awkward body pose

Next, Thao (Viet)

Judges : Love, pose, everything. Giving nice line.

Me : It’s beautiful. The line, the way she tilt her face…. I love it

Next is Natalie (Taiw)

Judges : She looked demonic, and supposed to be angelic, way too fierce.

Me : No neck! she’s scary! She reminds me of the ghost in Insidious 2. O-O

Next, Tia (Thai)

Judges : Fierce, young and beautiful. She could really model.

Me : She looks good. I just don’t like the illusion given by her hand in the pocket of the dress. She looks pregnant

Next is Katarina (Phi)

Judges : Chopped off finger, this is just a half way pose.

Me :  She’s pretty but she looks scared in the photo. It’s like she hadn’t finished posing yet

Next, Nicole (Sing)

Judges : Too squinty, need to work a lot.

Me : too squinty

Next is Jodilly (Phi)

Judges : Lost one of her arm.

Me :She’s doing the booty tooch but overall I find it average

Next, Queen Sheena (Mly)

Judges : Blonde works wonder, she’s like the warrior between the other girls.

Me : Ahhh definitely it’s the hair! but I love it

Last but not least Sneha (Indi)

Judges : If you have only 10 frames, don’t make it a profile shot.

Me : She has beautiful profile but it doesn’t seem as interesting as the others’.

So the final call out are :

1. Tia

2. Sheena

3. Josephine

4. Jodilly

5. Thao

6. Marie

7. Sneha

8. Janice

9. Bona

10. Katarina

11. Poojaa

12. Jihye

13. Nicole

14. Natalie

15. Elektra

Elektra’s shot was so BAD. so it’s not a surprise at all.

And here’s my call out:

1. Thao

2. Tia

3. Sheena

4. Josephine

5. Bona

6. Marie

7. Jodilly

8. Poojaa

9. Jihye

10. Katarina

11. Sneha

12. Nicole

13. Natalie

14. Janice

15. Elektra

That’s it!!! My Recap for Episode 1 of AsNTM


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