2ne1 Happy Music Video Review


2ne1’s Happy Music Video came the same day as 2ne1’s Come Back Home.  This music video, for those who keep up with 2ne1, definitely was made during the I am the Best days. So you’ll see their hair and style are way different from their Crush Album.

The MV is kinda reminiscent of Bigbang’s Bad Boy that was also shot in the US where the boys walked all over the place and in this case the girls crossing all kinds of streets there are. This mv is actually very much different from Come Back Home that has a very serious vibe. Happy actually has a lighter mood but it actually is contrary to the lyrics of the song which is actually sad.

Now, this video is really entertaining in many levels in comparison to Come Back Home. First of all, this music video cracks up the people with these cute colorful characters and bubble pop- ups that comes out everywhere through-out the video.




This actually made the entire video cute and funny. Second is their outfit. As usual this is the trademark Jeremy Scott styling the 2ne1 girls. Adding up with the cute characters and pop- ups are their colorful outfit.


She was dressed up with this long overly printed dress with fur and crazy wedges. It was okay but I think she can’t handle long dresses unlike Bom in I Love You promotions. But I do love her next outfit which was the yellow long sleeved turtle neck paired up with a short skater skirt. It was really cute. I also love her random accessories here.

h5 h6 h13 h15


Bom as usual is wearing her illegally short dress (joke) that looks so good on her with a cute pink cape like what she wore for Falling in Love promotions. Just like CL her accessories are just so cool especially those chains on her dress falling to her thighs. She changed outfit to a printed sleeved top paired up with checkered pants which was unusual but not new for Bom. I love it!

h11 h16 h10 h9 h8




Dara on the other hand is dress with an over sized black top and printed skirt and later with a black dress with pink flames paired with a pink fur layer. She really was cute with the big clothes and accessories.

h20 h14 h17 h18


Minzy was definitely wearing her purple hair from years back. I actually love her netted jacket and yellow beanie. It actually gives a cool feminine vibe to it. Then she changed into this purple sleeved top/ dress and a very very long scarf… well it was outrageous but okay that’s Jeremy Scott for you.

h21 h7 h12 h2 h19

Third, probably it’s not funny nor entertaining but I just have to complain… What the hell did they do to Dara’s Hair???? Did they gel strands of her hair ON HER FACE??? WTF??

h22 h23

YG please stop experimenting on Dara’s hair!!!! YG has already destroyed Dara’s hair but for all Dara fans out there this is too much!!! please. It’s a good thing that She’s so beautiful…

h25 h26

Overall this MV is cute and fun. Oh I just gotta add… the 2ne1 way of crossing the street. It is so cool yet dangerous. hahaha

1. Walking carefree… dancing and turning around the street


2. Skip while crossing the street


3. Crossing the street without looking straight or backward

h29 h30 h31 h33 h34

4. Standing in the middle of the street.


Watch the video here!!!


2ne1 Come Back Home Music Video Review

Hi! It’s been awhile. Today I will be giving a review of Korean Girl Group 2ne1’s new Music Video Come Back Home from their recently released 2nd full album Crush.

2ne1 is a girl group who has been really taking their time to release an album and finally they have released the long-awaited Crush album. Last March 3, 2014 YG (2ne1’s agency) finally released the music video for one of their title track Come Back Home which was said to have cost the agency 500 million won.

Come Back Home truly was a feast to the eyes. It’s a sci-fi extravaganza with a great sense of drama. It actually reminds of Matrix or if anyone is familiar with Sword Art Online where people actually goes into the virtual world.

2NE1 Come Back Home Feature

The video opens with a world not too far from our own (probably in 10 to 20 years from now) with a huge screen with “Virtual Paradise” on it ultimately signifying that the MV will take you on a sci-fi themed video. Truly the graphics are amazing.



The video starts with CL spray paint walls like in the UGLY MV years back, which at first I find very stereotypical of 2ne1 since they are the only girl group I’ve seen who takes bad-ass to that level. However, Minzy comes in on a really cool car which gives me the feel of the futuristic theme.



The thing that I love the most in this video is actually the drama the goes with it. Usually girl groups would go with choreographic moves to go along with the futuristic theme of music videos, but 2ne1 gives off drama as a counterpart of the strong sci-fi theme of the video. Of course, if it’s drama 2ne1 has no other than the resident actress, sweet vocalist Dara Park.


The drama is centered on Dara’s relationship with this guy, who I first thought was a drug addict because of a scene with him crushing meds by a spoon lol. But I, apparently, am not too far from the idea.



According to YG, the video is about a relationship affected by technology. This so-called obsession in technology takes a toll on a relationship wherein even if a couple is together, they don’t really talk that much nor see eye to eye. This I believe was well executed by Dara and the male lead as they barely look in each other’s eyes.







And so, the girls decided to destroy the virtual world, which is really what they do best. hehehe. And finally, they enter the ‘Virtual Paradise’  with their alternate personalities dressed in black and ready to kick ass.








cbh16 cbh25


cbh15 cbh26


cbh14 cbh22


cbh17 cbh27

The next phase of the video is practically utter destruction of the virtual world, with 2ne1 leading a group of mob trashing the place.



Overall, for the concept of the video I will give 2ne1 and YG 9 points. 2ne1 has once again proven themselves as a group with content and substance not only with the lyrics of the song but also in the conceptualization of the video. It truly is something people can relate to. The concept allows 2ne1 to show the great musician that they are with the bad-ass feel that is so 2ne1 without losing sensibility that shows the woman that they are. It gives of a sense of strength and vulnerability as well. Also, it is thanks to 2ne1 that finally we are leaving the sexy concept once again led by different girl groups these past few months. So why 9? actually at first watch this video is a little confusing. You have to watch it again and probably read YG’s explanation to get it. so yeah!

As for graphics, definitely  a 10 point marks as well, their utilization of the technology is enough and not overpowering the video. Some comment says that this is nothing but seriously, how many group have spent half a million on a single video with this kind of quality? I say, none or if there are I don’t really remember. This is truly worth the wait of its delays.

As for the costumes and hair and make up, I’d give it an 8. The costumes are good but I think YG can get 2ne1 a different vibe with a different set of outfit. People has seen 2ne1 dressed up with very colorful attire and black leather before so maybe at least a little change with the design because as usual, Minzy is fully covered, Bom with a short dress, Dara, with the beanie and unusually lose top with a bat (like in IATB) and CL the over-the-top attire. I am not saying that the attire did not match the theme, it actually did but maybe a little change in the image (XoX). As for the make up, I hate Minzy’s eye make up. It’s awful! how can they pop her eyes like that? That’s my only complain for the make up otherwise, the girls look nice.


As for the hair I love that everybody gets to have the long hair especially Minzy. Long hair really looks good on her. I have to commend Dara for pulling off the blue hair and I think the one with bangs. I’m not sure if that is her really hair or what but she looks great as usual.

As for the acting, I’d give Dara a good 10 point mark. She delivered really well. You don’t even need to see her eyes when she cries but you can tell how sad she is. Also, the subtle looks and frowns she make makes up for the lack of dialogue. It already tells the story itself. As for the guy… he’s okay. He’s not great but he’s good. Also I just have to note that Dara for the first time actually looks her age. I’m not saying this ‘coz she old and looks like one but the role fit her well.

cbh27 cbh34

Overall, the video is really amazing. You definitely  have to watch it!




cbh33Watch the official music video here: