Asia’s Next Top Model Top 3- Who will win?

Hi! I haven’t posted anything about AsNTM cycle 2 in awhile since I was really busy but I guess I fill the gaps later on. However, I will be discussing Asia’s Next Top Model Top 3 and the possible winners in my opinion. So without further ado, the Top 3

So the first call out and the first going through the finals is Katarina from the Philippines

Katarina - Asia's Next Top Model Season 2.

Age: 21

Height: 169 cm

Country: Philippines

Occupation: student/ athlete

Favorite Feature: eye brows

Worst Feature: height

Favorite Model: Cara Delevigne

Favorite Designer: Calvin Klein

Phobias: going hungry

If modelling does not work out: international lawyer or diplomat

As far as Katarina is concerned, I believe she really has all the right to be in the top 3. After all, she did get herself best photo twice and of course she takes good photos. But then again, Katarina is the typical girl-next-door ‘pretty face’ that is really good for commercial shoots.

(Best Photo: Episode 11)

(Best Photo: Episode 9)

However, it does not mean that she barely has any chance at all. Things that would really work for her to win is of course her looks that can be the face of beauty products and her eagerness to learn new things and actually applying them on set. She really has the talent to make this modelling dream of hers happen. Plus she also have a pleasant personality during shoots. However, it is also a fact that she lacks a lot of experience in comparison to the two finalists Jodilly and Sheena. And this would definitely work against her.

Though she takes great photos, it is also a fact that she seems clueless as to how to move her body and angle her face to create lighting effects and great body shapes. Further, her height will definitely pose a problem sooner than later. Because of her lack of experience, she doesn’t get the techniques on how to elongate her body and create illusions to make her body look better in photos

Finally, her catwalk. In the latest episode (episode 11) It was shown in the go-see how terrible she walks and how uncomfortable she looks doing it. I guess we can give this to the judges for not giving many catwalk challenges to help improve the girls. If she can pull-off an amazing or at least decent catwalk, Personally, I think she needs more time to explore herself. But, this girl might have a chance of winning. We will never know until we watching the final episode.

Onto the second call-out, Jodilly from the Philippines

Jodilly - Asia's Next Top Model Season 2

Age: 20

Height: 178 cm

Country: Philippines

Occupation: model

Favorite Feature: jaw line

Worst Feature: hands

Favorite Model: Tyra Banks

Favorite Designer: Roland Alzate, Rajo Laurel & Michael Cinco

Phobias: heights and spiders

If modelling does not work out: computer programmer

As for Jodilly, a lot has really being going on with this lady. She is not consistently topping but she is also not falling. She is almost always second best photo is a great number of episodes. And, of course, these photos are definitely at par with the winning photos every time.

(Best photo: Episode 10)

(Best Photo: Episode 6)

So what will work for Jodilly? I definitely would say her experience in modelling. It is because of this experience that she gets better photos in comparison to Katarina and other girls. Also, we have to consider her height. She is the tallest of the top 3 and being tall really is an advantage in modelling. Further, she also have a decent catwalk though I’d say she needs some more work on it but definitely at par with Sheena.

In addition, Jodilly had several instances in shoots where she internalizes and gets lost in her poses. This may be taken positively and negatively at the same time. It’s an advantage since she can completely get into any character that she needed to be in when she does it. This also allows her to have varied facial expressions that we don’t see from the other two finalists. However, she also gets too lost that she doesn’t do well in directions.

Another plus factor for Jodilly is her ever jumping skills that seems to evolve to an art form every time it is captured through the lens. And also her personality and creativeness.

So what could work against this feisty girl? probably her catwalk- though it is not that bad- We have to consider that Sheena is also good at catwalk. But if she can pull-off a amazing signature walk she’ll be fine. And probably, over analyzing of briefs. As I mentioned earlier, she has a tendency to get lost in her world when she starts posing, if she can’t control this it might be at a cost of an important photo shoot. But I think this girl has got it all!

Finally, the last of all finalists, Sheena from Malaysia

Sheena - Asia's Next Top Model Season 2.

Age: 22

Height: 174 cm

Country: Malaysia

Occupation: model

Favorite Feature: legs

Worst Feature: elbows

Favorite Model: Daul Kim

Favorite Designer: Marc Jacobs

Phobias: cockroaches

If modelling does not work out: Modeling is only option

Now just like Jodilly, Sheena is a steady player in the game. But unlike Katarina and Jodilly, Sheena has only won one best photo in the entire competition so far. And unfortunately to all AsNTM fans it was in the episode that was edited (xox). If Jodilly is more like a consistent top 2, Sheena is the consistent top 3 in almost all photo shoots they’ve had. Of course this will work to her advantage since despite have 2 best photos, Katarina until recently has been relatively in the middle of the pack until the last three episodes. It is definitely a factor to consider for the judges.

So what other things will work for Sheena? It is her experience just like Jodilly. As I have explained before, this allows Jodilly and Sheena to choose better poses and angels since they have been doing this before they joined the competition. Another is her catwalk. So far, I can see that she has the strongest catwalk of the top 3. Unless she trips or has an accident, She’ll definitely rule the runway.

Another, in relation to her experience is that she knows her angles well. Apart from the jumping Jodilly, she has also taken her share of memorable poses that blew the judges away. And of course her height is a plus factor. As well as her hunger to win this (though all of them have that)

So what will work against her? It is probably her face. It seems that she has been having problems with having the same facial expressions in her photos and during photo shoots. If this doesn’t change, she might not be able to get important shots needed to win since modelling also requires a little bit of acting and internalizing.

Also, for whatever reason, Sheena doesn’t seem to have pleased our judges enough. In all honesty, she has the qualification of being a top model but I feel (personally) that there isn’t enough. If you are going to compare her to last year’s winner, Jessica, she has a lot more to work on and prove. Also, Sheena seems to fit certain themes only. She’s not as flexible as we hope her to be. I personally can’t see her in a couture show or high fashion ads. It’s like she just doesn’t fit there. But then again, we will never know.

As for me, My predictions are:

1. Jodilly

2. Sheena

3. Katarina

in the order. Let’s watch who will win next Wednesday @ Star World!. I hope great success to the top 3!!

photos from: Asia’s Next Top Model official site ( No copyright infringement intended.



Ultimate Lookbook: Kathryn Bernardo

It’s been awhile since the last lookbook. This time I decided to go and introduce to you the young teen star of the Philippines, Kathryn Bernardo. She has been in the industry since she’s a child, basically she is what people call a child-star but now that she is 18 years old people can’t deny that she’s is really growing up to be such a beauty. These are random collections of press photos, magazines covers and spread and even fan photos. All credits go to it’s respective owners. No copyright infringement intended.


Kathryn Bernardo's Stylish 18th Birthday Party

Kathryn Bernardo's Stylish 18th Birthday Party

Miss Universe 2013 Candidates

Angola-Vaumara Rebelo


Argentina-Brenda Gonzalez


Aruba-Stefanie Guillen Evangelista


Australia- Olivia Wells


Austria-Doris Hofmann


Azerbaijan-Aysel Manafova


Bahamas-Lexi Wilson


Belgium-Noémie Happart


Bolivia- Alexia Viruez

Botswana-Tsaone Macheng


Brazil-Jakelyne Oliveira


British Virgin Islands- Sharie de Castro

Bulgaria- Veneta Krasteva


Canada- Riza Santos


Chile-Maria Matthei


China- Jin Ye


Colombia- Lucia Aldana

Costa Rica- Fabiana Granados


Croatia-Melita Fabečić


Curacao- Eline de Pool

Czech Republic-Gabriela Kratochvílová


Denmark-Cecilia Iftikhar


Dominican Republic- Yaritza Reyes


Ecuador-Constanza Baez


El Salvador- Alba Delgado

Estonia-Kristina Karjalainen


Ethiopia- Maheder Tigabe


Finland- Lotta Hintsa

France-Hinarani de Longeaux


Gabon- Jennifer Ondo


Germany-Anne Julia Hagen


Ghana- Hanniel Jamin

Great Britain-Amy Willerton


Greece-Anastasia Sidiropoulou


Guam- Alixes Scott

Guatemala- Paulette Samayoa

Guyana-Katherina Roshana


Haiti- Mondiana Pierre

Honduras-Diana Schoutsen


Hungary-Rebeka Kárpáti


India-Manasi Moghe


Indonesia- Whulandary

Israel- Titi Yitayish Ayanaw

Italy-Luna Voce


Jamaica- Kerrie Baylis

Japan- Yukimi Matsuo


Kazakhstan-Aygerim Kozhakanova


Korea- Yumi Kim

Lebanon-Karen Ghrawi


Lithuania- Simona Burbaite

Malaysia-Carey Ng


Mauritius- Diya Beeltah

Mexico-Cynthia Duque


Myanmar-Moe Set Wine


Namibia- Paulina Malulu

Netherlands- Stephanie Tency

New Zealand- Holly Cassidy

Nicaragua- Nastassja Bolivar

Nigeria- Stephanie Okwu


Norway-Mari Ekelof


Panama- Carolina Brid

Paraguay- Guadalupe Gonzalez Talavera


Peru- Cindy Mejia

Philippines- Ariella Arida

Poland- Paulina Krupińska

Puerto Rico- Monic Perez

Puerto Rico 2013

Romania-Roxana Andrei


Russia-Elmira Abdrazakova


Serbia- Ana Vrcelj

Singapore- Shi Lim

Slovak Republic-Jeanette Borhyová


Slovenia-Nina Đurđević


South Africa- Marilyn Ramos


Spain-Patricia Yurena Rodriguez


Sri Lanka- Amanda Ratnayake


Sweden- Alexandra Friberg

Switzerland- Dominique Rinderknecht

Tanzania-Betty Omara


Thailand-Chalita Yaemwannang


Trinidad & Tobago- Catherine Miller


Turkey- Berrin Keklikler

Turks & Caicos- Snwazna Adams

Ukraine- Olga Storozhenko


USA- Erin Brady

Venezuela- Gabriela Isler


Vietnam-Truong Thi May


Wow these are really a set of beautiful ladies. I can’t wait for the coronation night! Since that’ll be a few days from now, why not vote for your favorite candidates at My personal favorites are the following: Philippines, Venezuela, USA,Ukraine, Thailand, Spain, Slovenia,Puerto Rico, Peru, Japan and Canda. well, some are really my bias but Good luck to all!!

100 Most Beautiful Korean Women

100. Ye-Eun Park


99. Yeh-jin Park


98. Minzy

97. Qri


96. Yoo- Jeong Kim


95. Han Ji-Hye


94. Lee Soon Kyu


93. Hyorin


92. CL


91. In-Na Yoo


90. Su- Hyeon Hong


89. Yun- hie Jo

88. Sa-Rang Kim


87. Bo-ra Hwang


86. Se-Kyung Shin


85. Ha-Neul Kim


84. Im Jin Ah (Nana)


83. Ji-min Han


82. Yi-hyun So


81. Geun- Young Moon


80. Eun-Jung Ham

79. Narsha


78. Dasom


77. Hyosung Jeon


76. Hyoyeon Kim


75. Sun Ye Kim


74. Hyo-jin Kim


73. Bo-yeong Park

72. Yubin


71. Boa


70. Son Dam Bi


69. Ga Hee Park


68. Ji-yeon Park


67. Nicole Jung


66.  Uee (Yi Yu)


65. Sohee


64. Soo-Jin Park


63. Min

62. So-min Jung


61. Min-ah Shin


60. Sunhwa

59. Eugene Kim


58. Yu ri Sung

57. Naeum


56. Seohyun


55. Lee Da Hae


54. Taeyeon

53. Yuri

52. Gyuri Park


51. Ga-in Son


50. Hyuna


49. Yoona


48. Lee Park Bom


47. Nam Ji-hyun


46. Bo-young Lee


45. Ga-in Han

44. Jessica Jung

43. GNA


42. Hara Goo


41. Krystal


40. Ji-hyo Song


39. Yeon-Seo Oh


38. So-ra Kang


37. Bora


36. Jiyoung Kang


35.Tae-young Son

34. Jeon Ji hyun


33. Son Ye-Jin


32. Ji-won Ha


31. Hyo-joo Han


30. Kang Min Kyung


29. Lee Joo Yeon


28. Victoria


27. Hye-Sun Koo


26. Yeon-hee Lee


25. Chae-won Moon


24. Hyomin


23. IU

22. Han Byul Park


21. Si-yeon Park


20. Yoo-Bi Lee


19. Shin-ye Park

18. Eun-hye Yoon


17. Yoon-ji Lee


16. Lee Hyori


15. Seol-ri Choi (Sulli)


14. Se-young Park

13. Gyuri Nam

12. Hye-Kyo Song


11. Sooyoung

10. Chae-Young Han

09. Hwang Mi-young (tiffany)


08. Jo- Bo Ah


07. Hee-Sun Kim


06. Jaekyung

05. Min Young Park


04. Suzy Bae

03. Sandara Park


02. So Yeon Kim


01. Tae-hee Kim


Featured Face: Jessy Mendiola

When thinking of a post to present, I thought of featuring beautiful faces from different countries. And so, For the very first Featured Beauty/ Face, we have…. Jessy Mendiola, actress and endorser from the Philippines.

Basic Info
Birthday : December 03
Height : 5’4
Weight : 105 lbs.
Eye Color : Brown
Nationality : Filipino
Skills/Talents : Hosting, Acting, Dancing

Early Life

Jessy Mendiola was born, Jessica Mendiola Tawile in the United Arab Emirates where her father used to work on December 3, 1992. She is the second of three siblings, of a Filipino mother and a half Lebanese, half British father. She was three years old when her mother moved and brought her and her elder sister, Pamela, to the Philippines. Her mother left her father due to his infidelity. Her younger sister, Megan, was born in the Mexico when her parents reconciled but then separated again because of unknown reasons. She remains in contact with her father, who now works overseas as a marine anthropologist.She studied in Far Eastern University.




Jessy Mendiola was one of the 18 new talents launched by ABS-CBN under Star Magic Batch 15. She, along with Megan Young, Alfonso Martinez, Carlo Guevarra and her Star Magic batchmates, joined the cast of Star Magic Presents: Abt Ur Luv when it was revamped to Abt Ur Luv Ur Lyf 2 in 2007. She had a minor role in Sineserye Presents: Natutulog Ba Ang Diyos?.

In 2008, she was cast as Chappy Girl in the TV series Volta, which was adapted from the Star Cinema film of the same name.

Mendiola was supposed to appear in Habang May Buhay. She was featured in the 2008 trailer of the show which was originally titled as Humingi Ako Sa Langit. The TV series, which was supposed to air in 2008, was cancelled, reshot and recast.

In 2010, she had a guest appearances in George and Cecil, playing the love interest of Dino Imperial’s Jun. Mendiola revealed that she was pulled out of Habang May Buhay and was cast as Christina in the TV series Kung Tayo’y Magkakalayo instead. Due to good feedback, her one week guest appearance in Kung Tayo’y Magkakalayo was extended. She was later cast in Your Song Presents: Gimik 2010, playing the role of the reformed rebel teenager Jessy. Mendiola was supposed to appear in Kokey @ Ako, opposite Enrique Gil, but their characters were written off in favor of Melai Cantiveros and Jason Francisco. She eventually returned as a recurring character in the last few episodes of Kung Tayo’y Magkakalayo.



She portrayed lead roles in Maalaala Mo Kaya: “Marriage Contract”  and in Wansapanataym: “Kakambal Ko’y Manika“. Her biggest break is playing the title role of the ABS-CBN afternoon TV show Sabel.

In 2011, when Sabel ended, Mendiola joined ASAP Rocks. She along with Empress Schuck, Enchong Dee and Sam Concepcion are referred to as ASAP’s “Dance Quad“. Earlier, she portrayed Isabel Valderama in Agimat: Ang Mga Alamat ni Ramon Revilla Presents: Bianong Bulag. In April, she became a guest judge for Showtime and appeared as Risa in the Maalaala Mo Kaya episode, “Medalyon“.[ She recently played the role of Jackie Marasigan in the ABS-CBN teleserye, Budoy, opposite Gerald Anderson.She also starred in the film The Reunion with Enchong Dee, Enrique Gil and Xian Lim. She also starred in the Precious Hearts Romances Presents: Paraiso with Matt Evans and Matteo Guidicelli.

In 2013, she will be playing the title role of Maria Mercedes in a remake.




Year Title Role Network
2004 Hanggang Kailan Gina GMA Network
2007 Star Magic Presents: Abt Ur Luv Ur Lyf 2 Lheny ABS-CBN
2007 Sineserye Presents: Natutulog Ba Ang Diyos? Michelle ABS-CBN
2008 Your Song Presents: Bakit Labis Kitang Mahal Kitty ABS-CBN
2008 Volta Chappy Girl ABS-CBN
2008 Star Magic Presents: Astigs In Luvin lyf Shannon ABS-CBN
2008 Maalaala Mo Kaya: Mansyon Darlene’s classmate ABS-CBN
2009 Your Song Presents: Boystown Karen ABS-CBN
2009 Maalaala Mo Kaya: Taxi Samantha ABS-CBN
2009 Midnight DJ: Pabrika Ng Multo Gabby TV5
2009 Maalaala Mo Kaya: Storybook Hershey ABS-CBN
2009 George and Cecil Irene ABS-CBN
2009 Katorse Bettina Godinez ABS-CBN
2010 May Bukas Pa Young Soledad ABS-CBN
2010 Kung Tayo’y Magkakalayo Christina Angeles ABS-CBN
2010 Your Song Presents: Gimik 2010 Jessy Lorenzo ABS-CBN
2010 Panahon Ko ‘To!: Ang Game Show ng Buhay Ko Herself ABS-CBN
2010 Maalaala Mo Kaya: Marriage Contract Analyn ‘Ana’ Dela Cruz ABS-CBN
2010 Wansapanataym: Kakambal Ko’y Manika Leni/Lena Gatchalian ABS-CBN
2010 Banana Split Herself ABS-CBN
2010 Sabel Sabel Asuncion ABS-CBN
2011 Agimat: Ang Mga Alamat ni Ramon Revilla: Bianong Bulag Isabel Robles ABS-CBN
2011–present ASAP Herself ABS-CBN
2011 Maalaala Mo Kaya: Medalyon Lisa ABS-CBN
2011 It’s Showtime Princess Catherine Señorin Jr. ABS-CBN
2011 Banana Split Darlene Belangoy Jr. ABS-CBN
2011 Wansapanataym: Flores De Mayumi Mylene ABS-CBN
2011 Maalaala Mo Kaya: Bisikleta Laurence Trazona ABS-CBN
2011 Budoy Jacqueline ‘Jackie’ Marasigan ABS-CBN
2012 Maalaala Mo Kaya: Journal Joie ABS-CBN
2012 E-Boy Adult Princess ABS-CBN
2012 Precious Hearts Romances Presents: Paraiso Yanie Alipio ABS-CBN
2013 Maria Mercedes Maria Mercedes Alegre ABS-CBN


Year Title Role Producer
2012 The Reunion Ali Zaldariaga Star Cinema
2013 Pagpag Talia dela Torre Star Cinema, Regal Films, Skylight Films


Year Brand Company




Body Shop


NHN Corporation



I can say that Jessy Mendiola is really a fast-rising star in Philippine Show Business. Her beauty actually is reminiscent of the mestiza looks dominant during  the early times of Philippine Showbiz.







Korean Celebritites at the 18th BIFF Opening Ceremony Red Carpet

18th BIFF_top final

Choi Seung Hyun (T.O.P)

18th BIFF_taecyeon_lee yeon hee 

Ock Taecyeon and Lee Yeon Hee

18th BIFF_goo hye sun

Goo Hye Sun

18th BIFF_hello venus

Hello Venus

18th BIFF_han hyo joo

Han Hyo Joo

18th BIFF_yoo ah in 2

Yoo Ah In

18th BIFF_yoo in na

Yoo In Na

18th BIFF_lee joon

Lee Joon

18th BIFF_lee so yeon_yoon han

Lee So Yeon and Yoon Han

18th BIFF_kang ha na final

Kang Ha Na

18th BIFF_lee hyun woo

Lee Hyun Woo

18th BIFF_han so ah final

Han So Ah

18th BIFF_chun jung myung

Chun Jung Myung

18th BIFF_go ara

Go Ara

18th BIFF_ so yoo jin

So Yoo Jin

18th BIFF_ha ji won

Ha Ji Won

18th BIFF_hong soo ah

Hong Soo Ah

18th BIFF_kim hyung jun

Kim Hyung Jun

18th BIFF_kim so yeon

Kim So Yeon

18th BIFF_kim min jong

Kim Min Jong

18th BIFF_kim sun ah

Kim Sun Ah

18th BIFF_kim yoon hye final

Kim Yoon Hye

18th BIFF_lee soo hyuk

Lee Soo Hyuk

18th BIFF_nam gyu ri

Nam Gyu Ri

18th BIFF_jo yeo jung

Jo Yeo Jung

18th BIFF_hong suk chun

Hong Suk Chun

18th BIFF_hwang in young

Hwang In Young

18th BIFF_jeon hye bin

Jeon Hye Bin

18th BIFF_kim hyo jin

Kim Hyo Jin

18th BIFF_park seo joon

Park Seo Joon

18th BIFF_so yi hyun

So Yi Hyun

18th BIFF_shin ji soo

Shin Ji Soo

18th BIFF_oh jung sae_jung yoon suk

Oh Jung Sae and Jung Yoon Suk

18th BIFF_shim yi young

Shim Yi Young

18th BIFF_odagiri joe

Odagiri Joe

18th BIFF_lee eun woo

Lee Eun Woo

18th BIFF_kim min jung

Kim Min Jung

18th BIFF_kang ye bin

Kang Ye Won

18th BIFF_hwang woo seul ae

Hwang Woo Seul Hye

18th BIFF_kim sung eun

Kim Sung Eun

soyrce: starnews