23 year old Megan Young was earlier this evening crowned Miss World 2013!

At the Bali Nusa Dua Convention Centre in front of a sell out audience, Megan Young representing the Philippines recieved the Miss World Crown from Wenxia Yu, marking a new era of Miss World! With a huge array of music dancing, bright lights and of course 127 amazing contestants, Miss World 2013 came to a dramatic conclusion as the cast was cut to 20, then 10, before a final 6 were left on stage to answer the judges questions.

Philippines, Brazil, Spain, Ghana, and France were the judges selection from the Top 10, before they were joined by the wildcard People’s Choice Gibraltar, who received the most votes on the Miss World 2013 App.

They were given the chance to tell the judges why they should be Miss World 2013, before we were treated to a musical trio of Miss World 2012 Wenxia Yu, Indonesia’s Vania Larissa and Australia’s Erin Holland who complimented each othwer perfectly in an operatic collaboration.

Then the fianl three were announced, with Megan Young winning the crown, France’s Marine Lorphelin as the First Runner up, Ghana’s Naa Okailey Shooter second runner up.

The confetti exploded onto the stage as all contestants linked arms and ended with a beautiful rendition of the Miss World song ‘Light the Flame’.

A more comprehensive write up to follow soon with ALL the photos of the night. As we speak, the Coronation Ball is in full swing and the Continental Queens of Beauty will receive their awards!


This is an official article from Miss World website!!!!!



Miss World 2013 Awards!

This year Miss World made the girls compete in different events, winning them points that helped them advanced to the top 10. And without further ado, here are the winners for each event!

Top Model

Miss world candidates were dressed up by 50 of Indonesia’s top designers and strut the runway showing off their grace, elegance and poise.


2nd – UNITED STATES – Olivia Jordan 3rd – FRANCE – Marine Lorphelin
4th – UKRAINE – Anna Zaiachkivska 5th –  BRAZIL – Sancler Frantz


The candidates competed on different sports- related events and exhibited their athletic skills


2nd – SPAIN – Elena Ibarbia Jimenez 3rd – NORTHERN IRELAND – Meagan Green
4th – PARAGUAY – Coral Ruiz Reyes 5th EL SALVADOR – Paola Ayala

Beach Fashion

Dressed up in beautiful swimsuits and sarong, the ladies pose for the camera showing their sexy side


2nd – FRANCE – Marine Lorphelin 3rd – GHANA – Naa Okailey Shooter
4th – JAMAICA – Gina Hargitay 5th – PHILIPPINES – Megan Young


The ladies were tasked to have their say thru multimedia and have their fans like their cause.


2nd – THAILAND – Kanyaphak Phokesomboon 3rd – NEPAL – Ishani Shrestha
4th – PHILIPPINES – Megan Young 5th – MALAYSIA – Melinder Bhullar

Beauty with a Purpose

 the ladies submitted videos of their cause or purpose as an individual.


2nd – AUSTRALIA – Erin Holland 3rd – TANZANIA – Brigitte Lyimo
4th – BELGIUM – Noémie Happart 5th – BRAZIL – Sancler Frantz
6th – FRANCE – Marine Lorphelin 7th – GHANA – Naa Okailer Shooter
8th – ENGLAND – Kirsty Heslewood 9th – INDIA – Navneet Dhillon
10th – ARUBA – Larissa Leeuwe

Miss World 2013 Official Candidates 120-130

120. Turkey Ruveyda ÖKSUZ
121. Uganda Stellah NANTUMBWE
122. Ukraine Anna ZAIACHKIVSKA
123. United States Olivia JORDAN
124. Uruguay Mercedes BISSIO DEL PUERTO
125. US Virgin Islands Petra CABRERA-BADIA
126. Uzbekistan Ganieva RAKHIMA

127. Venezuela Karen SOTO
128. Vietnam Thao LAI HUONG

129. Wales Gabrielle SHAW


130. Zambia Christine MWAABA
Okay so here are the final list. There are actually 131 entries but at the final only 127 girls competed for the title. In this batch I find Vietnam really cute!!!

Miss World 2013 Official Candidates 61 -90

61 Indonesia Vania LARISSA
  62. Ireland Aoife WALSH
  63. Italy Sarah BADERNA
  64. Jamaica Gina HARGITAY
  65. Japan Michiko TANAKA
  66. Kazakhstan Ainura TOLEUOVA
  67. Kenya Wangui GITONGA
  68. Korea Min Ji PARK
  69. Kosovo Antigona SEJDIU
  70. Kyrgyzstan Zhibek NUKEEVA
  71. Latvia Eva DOMBROVSKA
  72. Lebanon Karen GHRAOUI
  73. Lesotho Mamahlape Caroline MATSOSO
  74. Lithuania Rūta Elžbieta MAZUREVIČIŪTĖ

75. Macedonia FYRO Kristina SPASENOSKA
76. Malaysia Melinder BHULLAR
77. Malta Donnha BORG
78. Martinique Julie LEBRASSEUR
79. Mauritius Nathalie LESAGE
80. Mexico Marilyn CHAGOYA TRIANA
81. Moldova Valeriya TSURKAN
82. Mongolia Pagmadulam SUKHBAATAR
83. Montenegro Ivana MILOJKO

84. Namibia Paulina MALULU
85. Nepal Ishani SHRESTHA
86. Netherlands Jacqueline STEENBEEK
87. New Zealand Ella LANGSFORD
88. Nicaragua Luz Mery DECENA RIVERA
89. Nigeria Anna BANNER
90. Northern Ireland Meagan GREEN
In this batch there are a lot of beautiful women. I personally love: Nicaragua, Nepal, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan and Kosovo.

Miss World 2013 Official Contestants 31-60

31. Czech Republic Lucie KOVANDOVA
  32. Denmark Malene Riis SØRENSEN
  33. Dominica Leslassa ARMOUR-SHILLINGFORD
  34. Dominican Republic Joely BERNAT
35. Ecuador Laritza PARRAGA
  36. El Salvador Paola Vanessa AYALA HERNANDEZ
  37. England Kirsty HESLEWOOD
  38. Equatorial Guinea Restituta Mifumu NGUEMA
  39. Ethiopia Genet TSEGAY TESFAY

  40. Fiji Caireen ERBSLEBEN
  41. Finland Maija KERISALMI
  42. France Marine LORPHELIN

  43. Gabon Brunilla Novela EKOUMBI MOUSSADINGOU
  44. Georgia Tamar SHEDANIA
  45. Germany Amina SABBAH
  46. Ghana Carranzar NAA OKAILEY SHOOTER
  47. Gibraltar Maroua KHARBOUCH
  48. Greece Athina PIKRAKI
  49. Guadeloupe Sheryna VAN DER KOELEN
  50. Guam Camarin MENDIOLA
  51. Guatemala Karla Loraine QUINTO
  52. Guinea Mariama DIALLO
53. Guinea-Bissau Heny TAVARES
  54. Guyana Ruqayyah BOYER

  55. Haiti Ketsia Lioudy ICIENA
  56. Honduras Monica Alexis ELWIN GOUGH
  57. Hong Kong China Jacqueline WONG
  58. Hungary Annamária RAKOSI
  59. Iceland Sigridur Dagbjort ASGEIRSDOTTIR
  60. India Navneet DHILLON
My Personal Favorites from this batch are: India, Czech Republic, Ecuador, Dominica and France

Miss World 2013 Official Candidates 1-30

I wanted to do a post following the Miss World 2013. However, because of time I wasn’t able to exactly follow the pageant. So for a super late post here are the 2013 candidates for Miss World:

1. Albania- Ersela KURTI

2. Angola Maria CASTELO
3. Argentina Maria Teresa KUSTER
4. Aruba Larisa LEEUWE
5.  Australia Erin HOLLAND
6. Austria Ena KADIC
7. Bahamas De’Andra BANNISTER
8. Barbados Regina RAMJIT
9.  Belarus Maryia VIALICHKA
10. Belgium Noémie HAPPART
11. Belize Idolly Louise SALDIVAR
12. Bermuda Katherine ARNFIELD
13. Bolivia Maria Alejandra CASTILLO
14.  Bosnia & Herzegovina Sanda GUTIC
15. Botswana Rosemary KEOFITLHETSE
16. Brazil Sancler FRANTZ KONZEN
17.  British Virgin Islands Kirtis MALONE
18. Bulgaria Nansi KARABOYCHEVA
19. Cameroon Denise Valérie AYENA
20.  Canada Camille MUNRO
21.  Cape Verde Christina SPENCER
22. Chile Camila ANDRADE
23. China PR Wei Wei YU
24.  Chinese Taipei Cinzia CHANG
25.  Colombia Daniella OCORÓ
26. Costa Rica Yarly MARIN
27. Cote D’Ivoire Aïssata DIA
28. Croatia Lana GRŽETIĆ
29. Curaçao Xafira URSELITA
30. Cyprus Kristy Marie AGAPIOY
From this batch I personally love China’s beauty as well as Australia and Brazil.