The Cutest and Most Beautiful Cosplay





So I have already posted the most amazing cosplays ever, now, I have decided to post the most beautiful and the cutest cosplays around. Then again, because of the amazing number of cosplays around the net, I was not able to name of characters and cosplayers. Therefore, you’ll see a couple of pictures of cosplays with no names but just enjoy!


So cos1 cos2 cos3 cos4 cos5 cos6 cos7 cos8 cos9 cos10 cos11 cos12 cos13 cos14 cos15cos16 cos17 cos18 cos19 cos20 cos21


20 Amazing Cosplay that Will Blow You Away

Cosplay or costume play originated from Japan then spread throughout other Asian countries. Recently, cosplay has also been making headlines in the West. Before cosplay became just a way to be able to dress up as the character you envisioned to be. However, In the present, cosplay has become a venue to not only dress up like the character but also, act and move like them and practically embody the character chosen. Cosplay has brought about the talents of different people behind the great costume and look creations.

I hope you enjoy these cosplays!!!

300- Spartan

This is seriously amazing. I actually thought that it was from the movie itself!. (Image Source: MrSeanRogers)

300 - spartan

Assassin Creed – Ezio Auditore da Firenze

The amazing photography gave life to this epic cosplay look. (Image Source: Forcebewitya)

assassin creed - ezio


The serious pose of Bayonetta gave a great story to this picture. (Image Source: yuegene)


This Hyoka cosplay gives you a great feel for this cute couple characters!!.( image source: Rakuten)

Bayonetta – Rodin

This is really “bad-ass.” The amazing background and great pose make it work! (Image Source: EnvisageU)

bayonetta - rodin


As Bleach became one of the easiest cosplay so to say because almost anyone can do it. But the amazing craftsmanship and photography made this epic! (Image Source: abbottw)


Diablo III – Demon Hunter

This is seriously Diablo III in movie production! great costumes (very detailed) and amazing set (Image Source: Spiral Cats)

diablo iii - demon hunter

Little Sister (Bioshock) Cosplayer:Monika Lee (image source: facebook)

Little Sister (BioShock)

Vash (Trigun)- Cosplayer: Ex Shadow

I wonder if he will do a Live-action of Trigun, he definitely cuts for the role

Vash (Trigun)

Belldandy (Ah My Goddess!) Cosplayer: Starlighthoney

Wow, I grew up watching this and to see this cosplay for real is definitely amazing!

Belldandy (Ah My Goddess!)

Diablo III – Demon Hunter

This is seriously a crime. If this is just a hobby, what is work? (Image Source: Spiral Cats)

diablo iii - demon hunter

Final Fantasy Dissidia – Garland

I could not believe the possibilities of cosplay. To actually get this armor is truly fantastic. (Image Source: hellsign)

final fantasy dissidia - garland

Iron Man

Here I thought Iron Man can only be brought to life in Hollywood, who would have known? Kudos to the suit maker Masterle247. (Image Source: Masterle247)

iron man

Pokémon – Rocket Team

Now deifinitely Pokemon is not just a game! I wonder where those pokemons are at? (Image Source: Ryoko-demon)

pokemon - rocket team

Street Fighter II – Dhalsim

I thought this was an ad for the game. (Image Source: brucer007)

street fighter ii - dhalsim

Ms. Marvel (Marvel Comics) Cosplayer: Enji Night

If this is how heroes would look like I definitely want to be saved!

Ms. Marvel (Marvel Comics)

Morgan Le Fay (Ah! My Goddess) Cosplayer: Breathlessaire

one word… AMAZING!

Morgan Le Fay (Ah! My Goddess)

Cloud Strife (Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core) Cosplayer: Malindachan

His hair looks like that of a toy! Hahaha I love it!

Cloud Strife (Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core)

Black★Rock Shooter Beast (Black★Rock Shooter) Cosplayer: Vensy

Simply great!

 Black★Rock Shooter Beast (Black★Rock Shooter)

Vocaloid – Hatsune Miku

cute cosplay! (Image Source: Kirana)

vocaloid - hatsune miku

Of course there are more to these like cosplay Gods Kaname from Japan, Goddess Alodia from the Philippines and more




Alodia Gosiengfiao Baroness Cobra Cosplay