Asia’s Next Top Model Top 3- Who will win?

Hi! I haven’t posted anything about AsNTM cycle 2 in awhile since I was really busy but I guess I fill the gaps later on. However, I will be discussing Asia’s Next Top Model Top 3 and the possible winners in my opinion. So without further ado, the Top 3

So the first call out and the first going through the finals is Katarina from the Philippines

Katarina - Asia's Next Top Model Season 2.

Age: 21

Height: 169 cm

Country: Philippines

Occupation: student/ athlete

Favorite Feature: eye brows

Worst Feature: height

Favorite Model: Cara Delevigne

Favorite Designer: Calvin Klein

Phobias: going hungry

If modelling does not work out: international lawyer or diplomat

As far as Katarina is concerned, I believe she really has all the right to be in the top 3. After all, she did get herself best photo twice and of course she takes good photos. But then again, Katarina is the typical girl-next-door ‘pretty face’ that is really good for commercial shoots.

(Best Photo: Episode 11)

(Best Photo: Episode 9)

However, it does not mean that she barely has any chance at all. Things that would really work for her to win is of course her looks that can be the face of beauty products and her eagerness to learn new things and actually applying them on set. She really has the talent to make this modelling dream of hers happen. Plus she also have a pleasant personality during shoots. However, it is also a fact that she lacks a lot of experience in comparison to the two finalists Jodilly and Sheena. And this would definitely work against her.

Though she takes great photos, it is also a fact that she seems clueless as to how to move her body and angle her face to create lighting effects and great body shapes. Further, her height will definitely pose a problem sooner than later. Because of her lack of experience, she doesn’t get the techniques on how to elongate her body and create illusions to make her body look better in photos

Finally, her catwalk. In the latest episode (episode 11) It was shown in the go-see how terrible she walks and how uncomfortable she looks doing it. I guess we can give this to the judges for not giving many catwalk challenges to help improve the girls. If she can pull-off an amazing or at least decent catwalk, Personally, I think she needs more time to explore herself. But, this girl might have a chance of winning. We will never know until we watching the final episode.

Onto the second call-out, Jodilly from the Philippines

Jodilly - Asia's Next Top Model Season 2

Age: 20

Height: 178 cm

Country: Philippines

Occupation: model

Favorite Feature: jaw line

Worst Feature: hands

Favorite Model: Tyra Banks

Favorite Designer: Roland Alzate, Rajo Laurel & Michael Cinco

Phobias: heights and spiders

If modelling does not work out: computer programmer

As for Jodilly, a lot has really being going on with this lady. She is not consistently topping but she is also not falling. She is almost always second best photo is a great number of episodes. And, of course, these photos are definitely at par with the winning photos every time.

(Best photo: Episode 10)

(Best Photo: Episode 6)

So what will work for Jodilly? I definitely would say her experience in modelling. It is because of this experience that she gets better photos in comparison to Katarina and other girls. Also, we have to consider her height. She is the tallest of the top 3 and being tall really is an advantage in modelling. Further, she also have a decent catwalk though I’d say she needs some more work on it but definitely at par with Sheena.

In addition, Jodilly had several instances in shoots where she internalizes and gets lost in her poses. This may be taken positively and negatively at the same time. It’s an advantage since she can completely get into any character that she needed to be in when she does it. This also allows her to have varied facial expressions that we don’t see from the other two finalists. However, she also gets too lost that she doesn’t do well in directions.

Another plus factor for Jodilly is her ever jumping skills that seems to evolve to an art form every time it is captured through the lens. And also her personality and creativeness.

So what could work against this feisty girl? probably her catwalk- though it is not that bad- We have to consider that Sheena is also good at catwalk. But if she can pull-off a amazing signature walk she’ll be fine. And probably, over analyzing of briefs. As I mentioned earlier, she has a tendency to get lost in her world when she starts posing, if she can’t control this it might be at a cost of an important photo shoot. But I think this girl has got it all!

Finally, the last of all finalists, Sheena from Malaysia

Sheena - Asia's Next Top Model Season 2.

Age: 22

Height: 174 cm

Country: Malaysia

Occupation: model

Favorite Feature: legs

Worst Feature: elbows

Favorite Model: Daul Kim

Favorite Designer: Marc Jacobs

Phobias: cockroaches

If modelling does not work out: Modeling is only option

Now just like Jodilly, Sheena is a steady player in the game. But unlike Katarina and Jodilly, Sheena has only won one best photo in the entire competition so far. And unfortunately to all AsNTM fans it was in the episode that was edited (xox). If Jodilly is more like a consistent top 2, Sheena is the consistent top 3 in almost all photo shoots they’ve had. Of course this will work to her advantage since despite have 2 best photos, Katarina until recently has been relatively in the middle of the pack until the last three episodes. It is definitely a factor to consider for the judges.

So what other things will work for Sheena? It is her experience just like Jodilly. As I have explained before, this allows Jodilly and Sheena to choose better poses and angels since they have been doing this before they joined the competition. Another is her catwalk. So far, I can see that she has the strongest catwalk of the top 3. Unless she trips or has an accident, She’ll definitely rule the runway.

Another, in relation to her experience is that she knows her angles well. Apart from the jumping Jodilly, she has also taken her share of memorable poses that blew the judges away. And of course her height is a plus factor. As well as her hunger to win this (though all of them have that)

So what will work against her? It is probably her face. It seems that she has been having problems with having the same facial expressions in her photos and during photo shoots. If this doesn’t change, she might not be able to get important shots needed to win since modelling also requires a little bit of acting and internalizing.

Also, for whatever reason, Sheena doesn’t seem to have pleased our judges enough. In all honesty, she has the qualification of being a top model but I feel (personally) that there isn’t enough. If you are going to compare her to last year’s winner, Jessica, she has a lot more to work on and prove. Also, Sheena seems to fit certain themes only. She’s not as flexible as we hope her to be. I personally can’t see her in a couture show or high fashion ads. It’s like she just doesn’t fit there. But then again, we will never know.

As for me, My predictions are:

1. Jodilly

2. Sheena

3. Katarina

in the order. Let’s watch who will win next Wednesday @ Star World!. I hope great success to the top 3!!

photos from: Asia’s Next Top Model official site ( No copyright infringement intended.